Your garden is unique, or at least it should be. It should contain plants you like, plants adapted to the site, plants that have local or personal connections. I don't do 'design by numbers' - the same set of plants trotted out for each garden, but treat each garden and customer individually.

Here are some starting points and ideas for gardens I can help you create:

Traditional English Garden - roses, hollyhocks etc.

Mediterranean Style - drought-tolerant plants.

Historical Period Gardens - e.g. for older properties, or historical garden restorations

Prairie Style - naturalistic grasses and perennials

Cottage Garden

Low Maintenance Childproof Garden

Exotic/Tropical Planting

Scented and healing gardens

Colour themes - e.g. a white border

Gardens to attract bees and butterflies

Gardens on a theme - e.g. Islamic or Japanese influence

Incorporating fruit and veg into the ornamental garden

Wildflower meadows and spontaneuos vegetation management