Welcome to my website. I create and develop gardens for people by offering planting design and gardening services. I'm based in Burwell and cover the Cambridge, Ely and Newmarket areas and beyond.

Planting Design and Garden Design

Plants are not an afterthought. In my view, plants are the stars of the garden. Of course these can be set off and enhanced by sensitive and quality landscaping. Much of my work consists purely of new planting, with maybe a re-drawn border shape or two. Where hard landscaping is required I work with skilled landscapers to implement the design.

But surely it is expensive to get someone in to do this for me?

By seeking advice from someone with good plant knowledge, mistakes can be avoided. Too often plants are bought because they look pretty in the Garden Centre, but may not perform well where they are placed at home, or may get far too big and need taking out. Money can be saved by getting it right first time.

Plants are not expensive compared to hard landscaping. By having the right plant in the right place, they will give you years of pleasure. Expect to pay around £7.50 for a shrub, and £27.50 for a tree. Younger plants will cost less if you are prepared to wait longer for them to grow. Because I am often at nurseries, I know where the best value and best quality plants can be found.

Mistakes that are often made by the novice gardener

Spiky plants that grow large next to the path/play area.

Invasive plants that smother and kill dainty favourites, or plants that get too big and block out the small ones behind.

Tender plants not labelled as such at the Garden Centre, that then die over winter.

Plants that need lots of watering mixed in with plants that like it hot and dry.

Shrubs and trees that don't ever get berries/fruit as promised because they need a pollinator.

Plants that smell bad, placed close to the house.